About Us

Sutton Mental Health Foundation was founded for the benefit of people living in the London Borough of Sutton who have experienced mental health distress. We provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time activities, in the interest of social welfare. This is done with the aim of improving quality of life. Our priorities are to meet people's personal and social needs, to meet the need for people to exert their rights, realise opportunity and have a voice.

Our Vision

A community in Sutton which values mental wellbeing and understands how to respond positively to anxiety and distress.

We work together to promote mental wellbeing, resilience and recovery from mental distress.

Our core values

  • We do all that we can to keep people safe.
  • We always welcome and listen to people who want to take part in what we do.
  • We work together to achieve our goals, respecting the views and beliefs of others and their right to be different.
  • We are honest with each other and behave responsibly and with integrity.
  • We acknowledge and resolve disagreements.
  • We are resilient and encourage each other when things are difficult.
  • We respect each others work and are open to innovation and new ideas.

How we work

  • We offer safe places for people to meet and seek support without being judged.
  • We learn together and use our experience to understand ourselves better, to grow and to share.
  • We support each other, recognising that everyone has something to give.