A Crisis Café for Sutton

A Crisis Café is a safe, welcoming space where people who are feeling emotionally distressed or experiencing severe mental health difficulties can go for support outside of normal working hours, instead of using A&E or other urgent services.  It offers a step before formal mental health care, with the aim of providing support that can help people through a difficult time in their mental health, and hopefully keep them safe and well and out of hospital.

It is generally recognised that Crisis Cafés can provide important support to people with mental health problems, and Sutton is one of the few boroughs in this area that cannot offer this sort of care.  However, Sutton Mental Health Foundation is working with Sutton NHS commissioners to look at setting up a pilot Crisis Café in Sutton, to help meet this need.

As part of this process we have been listening to people who might use a Crisis Café, or who might have felt the need for such a service in the past.  It is important that a new Crisis Café service is designed around the views of service users - we want to build a service that people will feel comfortable to use and that offers the support they need.

We have also heard from people who care for those with mental health needs, and from those who work with people with mental health needs.


How you can help plan a Crisis Café for Sutton

Our surveys are now closed for analysis, but if you would still like to comment please email  crisiscafe@smhf.org.uk