Intentional Peer Support

Through our Intentional Peer Support service we offer non-judgmental emotional support to people over 18 living or working in the London Borough of Sutton. For those experiencing mental distress it can be a real lifeline.
Intentional Peer Support is provided by trained Peer Support workers who have direct experience of mental distress through their own lives. This means we can empathise and support from a shared viewpoint; we have similar struggles and experiences.

How does IPS work?

IPS is a mutually supportive, positive process. One of the most important tenets of IPS is that we don't start by asking "what is wrong?" but rather "what has happened?".

We aim to have conversations that give you space to share your experiences and make you feel you have truly been listened to.

Working with your Peer Support worker you will agree shared goals, keeping focus on where you want to be, not where you've come from.

Who can benefit from IPS?

We offer mutual support to anyone who feels it may be helpful to talk about their own experience of mental distress and/or mental health services with someone who has been there too.

You may be waiting for help from traditional support services, seeking some extra emotional support on top of the services you are receiving, or looking for support following discharge from care.

How long does Peer Support last?

Normally you will meet with your Peer Support worker for an hour per week at a mutually agreed time and place.  There is no time limit to Peer Support; most arrangements come to a natural end, agreed by both sides. However, we will review the arrangements every three months to make sure that everyone is still happy.

Flexible support

Our support isn't always just about talking though: Intentional Peer Support workers understand the importance of offering practical as well as emotional support.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about Intentional Peer Support, please contact Carol at or call 020 8770 0172.

If you would like to find a Peer Support worker, you can let us know what is going on for you and how you would like us to help you by completing the self-referral form.

Self-referral form
A GP, health professional or carer can make a referral for you using the referral form.
Referral form


While we are called a Crisis Café, we don't really offer food - although a cup of tea can be very helpful. And don't expect lots of activities - if you want yoga, art or mindfulness, we offer those in our daytime service at the Belmont Connect.
We are aware some people are having issues with the referral forms, if you are having problems, please email us at or give us a call on 020 8770 0172.