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Sutton Crisis Café: Tell us about your visit
0800 012 9082 6:30pm to 11pm (last admission 10:30pm), 7 days a week, 365 days a year 63 Downs Road, Belmont, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5NR
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Please tell us what you think about Sutton Crisis Café

Your feedback is very helpful to us, so that we can improve if we are falling short of expectations and so we know when we are getting things right. Sutton Crisis Café is currently a pilot service, which means that we need to collect evidence to prove that the service is needed, and is making a difference to people in mental health crisis. If you can tell us what you thought of your visit, it will not only help staff to know what people need, but also help us show that the service should be funded in the future. Thank you.
Overall, how was your experience of Sutton Crisis Café?
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Was the crisis café able to help you on this visit?
How much has the crisis café helped you with your mental wellbeing?
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If you had not been able to visit Sutton crisis café, where else would you have gone for support?
Are you currently receiving care from other mental health services?
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