Permission to share your data with NHS Digital for research and planning

SMHF is committed to collecting and keeping only a minimum amount of information about the people who use our services.  Normally, we will only share information with outside agencies with your consent, and if there is a specific need to share information to provide you with the care you need (please see our privacy notice for full details).

However, as part of the NHS funding for our services, SMHF is now required to submit monthly information to NHS Digital about each person who uses our services, which service(s) they use and how often.  This information is anonymised when it leaves SMHF, but it may be linked with other information the NHS holds about you.

This means your confidential patient information can be used for improving health, care and services, including:

  • planning to improve health and care services
  • research to find a cure for serious illnesses

You can decide whether or not you want SMHF to include your information when we share this information with the NHS.

Your decision will not affect your individual care and you can change your mind anytime you like.

Your preference

Let us know whether you wish us to share your data with NHS Digital by clicking the link below:
Update your SMHF data sharing preferences

Important Information About the National Data Opt Out

Signing the above form only affects whether SMHF will or will not share your data with NHS Digital.  To opt out of all NHS services sharing your data with NHS Digital, you need to complete forms at Make your choice about sharing data from your health records - NHS (

Please ask if you would like help to do this.

For more information about the National Data Opt Out, please click below to download the leaflet - Your Data Matters to the NHS.
Download leaflet
Sutton Mental Health Foundation is National Data Opt Out compliant; if you have chosen not to share your personal information as part of the NHS National Data Opt Out scheme, we have the processes and systems in place to make sure we respect your wishes and do not share such data about you.


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