Sutton Hearing Voices Group

A safe and non-judgemental space to explore our voices and different ways of coping with them.
‘Hearing Voices’ is used as a generic term to include people who hear, see or sense things that others don’t. It is a relatively common human experience – between 3 and 10% of adults hear voices, this figure rises to over 75% if you include one off experiences like hearing your phone ring when no-one is calling you. Tthe majority of people who hear voices do not have a problem with this – in fact their experiences may be beneficial or at least neutral. However, a significant minority (roughly a third) of voice-hearers struggle to cope and may be diagnosed with a mental health problem.
Sutton Hearing Voices group has been running for fifteen years and continues to provide a safe and non-judgemental space to explore our voices and ‘unusual beliefs’ and the meaning, if any we make of them.
We are affiliated to the Hearing Voices Network and their ethos of challenging discrimination and stigma towards people who experience visions, voices and other ‘unusual’ experiences. We believe that there are a range of different ways of coping with what can be distressing experiences and that sharing ideas with other people who have similar experiences can be very powerful.
All the co-facilitators have had training with the London Hearing Voices Network through MIND in Camden and have experienced their own mental health distress.

Sutton Hearing Voices Group meets every Thursday from 3.30pm to 4:30pm in Sutton.

You do not need a referral to come to the group but we request that you contact Jorden first on or 020 8770 0172.

All that we ask is that group members are respectful of each other and that we all take responsibility for the safety of the group.