Sutton Crisis Café - Carers Information (for unpaid carers)

To get help for someone you care for

You may not be the one in crisis, but could be caring for a family member or friend who needs crisis support. Ideally we’d like them to contact the Crisis Café themselves but they may not be able to fill out the self-referral form. You can help them by filling out the form below and sending it to us.

Carers referral form for person cared for

We will be in contact with them as soon as possible (within 24 hours), so please make sure you have discussed going to the crisis café with them and that they know you have been in touch and that we will phone.

Bringing Someone to the Crisis Café

Sometimes the family member/friend you care for will need help getting to the Crisis Café. It may also be distressing for you to see the person you care for going through a crisis. If you are in distress when you arrive with the person at the Crisis Café, our team can offer you 1-to-1 wellbeing support as well.

Carers arriving at the Crisis Café will also be given information about the Sutton Carers Centre (see below for more information). If you prefer, we can have the Centre contact you directly if you provide us with your consent and contact details.

If are simply accompanying or driving the person to the Crisis Café, we will see them on their own unless they request your support. You can then return to the Café to pick them up. Currently there is no waiting area at the Café.

If you drove to Café, and are looking for free parking while you wait, you may choose to use the parking lot of The California pub at the end of the road, which offers free parking to patrons who give their registration number at the bar. They offer coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages.

To get help for yourself

Caring for someone in mental health crisis can be uniquely challenging.  You can also use the Crisis Café if you feel your own mental health is affected. Please complete the form below, or you can drop by the Café to access our support.

Self-referral form

If you would like more support in your caring role, please contact Sutton Carer's CentreThey can provide you with specialist mental health support, as well as general support in other areas of your caring role, such as help with benefits and peer support.

020 8296 5611